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SUPERCHARGER Rotax® 912/14 140HP

SUPERCHARGER Rotax® 912/14 140HP

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KIT SUPERCHARGER Rotax® 912/14 140HP
Technical data engine

• Engine Model: “Rotax®912ULS”, 4stroke, gasoline

• Maximum power: 110Kw (150hp) @ 5.800 RPM

• Maximum RPM: 5.800 for max 5min.

• Alimentation supply: Centrifugal Supercharger mechanical drived

• Ignition / Injection: Redundant E.F.I. or E.F.I. + Carburattors for redundancy
(Flygas Patented kit)

• Fuel type: Gasoline Normal green

• Power/weight ratio: 2.3 Hp/kg!!

• Fuel type: Gasoline Normal green

• Weight: 65 Kg ( 144Lb. included, Starter Motor, Alternator, injection, Tube, Air Filter)

• Overall Dimensions: width 580mm (23Inch.), height 400mm (16 Inch.)

• Depth from the propeller flange: 700mm
( 27.5Inch.)

Advantages of Gas-Supercharger Kit on Rotax® engines:

• Exhaust Temperature very low respect of turbo engines

• No high backpressure in manifold exhaust

• No electronics “TCU” who control boost

• Possibility install “Mechanical Blow-Off Valve”

• Oil plan of our supercharger, complete separated

• Low weight installed

• Reductions of torsional vibrations of cranckshaft, thanks at inertia of gear and impeller increased, and thanks at rubber poli-V belt who work like at “Damper”