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Car and off-roads

Car and off-roads

GAS 418 HA Aircraft Engines for U.A.V.

GAS IS 418 is the new pistons engine aircraft designed for use on aeronautical U.A.V. (unmanned aerial vehicles and remote piloted aircraft).

Flygas manufactures and supplies engines “to share” with innovative technical solutions that can make them unique on the market for reliability and performance.

Addition to the well “GAS 252”, by the small size engine equipped with a mechanical centrifugal compressor capable of produce than 72 hp while maintaining a weight of only 57 kg, “Flygas Engineering” presents “GAS 418HA,” the engine to 4 cylinders series “Otto” new concept designed and developed for use on middle high altitude aircraft, “UAV”.


The only internal combustion engine piston with a mechanical two-stage Centrifugal Supercharger and with a double fuel system (Patent FLYGAS). The GAS 418 HA is in fact able to operate both with electronic fuel injection at both carburetors. The latter, in fact, have the advantage of being impervious to electromagnetic disturbances, which could compromise the proper functioning of the electronic control unit and the rpm sensor.

Only with these solutions is possible to increase the safety and simultaneously to minimize the power loss at high altitude.


  • Most autonomy flight
  • Most autonomy flight
  • Improved performance, especially at high altitude
  • Possibility of operation with fuel “JP8”
  • Increased safety and reliability
  • Altitude of fly significantly increased
  • More power with less weight, resulting in greater load capacityTechnical data