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Kit intake manifold

Kit intake manifold

Kit intake manifol

Boost performance with ours intake manifold system.
We are pleased to present the FLYGAS INTAKE MANIFOLDS KIT which improves engine capabilities and reduces operation risk. Ideal solution for boosting the ROTAX engine of the ULM (ultra light airplane.) No need of any modification to install it!

This system has been specially designed and calibrated and is complete with all accessories needed for assembly.


The Ultra-light Airplanes are typically driven by a 4 stroke engine, “Rotax 912” type.
This type of engine is reliable, powerful and is a “reduced weight” motor but it still adopts the two independent carburetor connected with too small pipe.

Major defects with the original manifold system:

This original plan, it has some one remarkable defects

  • The slight going out of phase of the opening of 2 butterfly valves (usually due to the cables) often creates unpleasant imbalances of the load (i.e. power produced) between the motor banks which generates abnormal and alarming vibrations.
  • In a case of broke an wire command to one butterfly valve, must switch of the engine, or open also the other carburetor, and going only in full power.
  • Under 2500 RPM,(during the heating time), the engines made a lot of vibration.
  • Absence of vibration regardless of the difference in the opening of carburetor.
  • Possibility of continuing to fly (to 50% of power) even in the case of breakage of a wire command of a carburetor.
  • Better balancing equally used cylinders independently from each other.

kit, available for Rotax 912 e Rotax 914, has 9 components.

  • 2 intake manifolds
  • 1 big pipes
  • 2 Rubber manifold
  • 4 Metal clamp