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Subaru EA81 Cylinder Head

Subaru EA81 Cylinder Head

Subaru EA81 Cylinder Head for High Performances

Flygas has designed and developed a new cylinder head high performance and reliability for the Subaru EA81 engine. The new head is die-cast in G-9-AllSi designed to increase engine performance by increasing the reliability.

The new cylinder head has the intake and exhaust manifold separate and increase its dimension, two spark plugs per cylinder in opposite position which ensures and improved combustion, increased intake valves diameter, ready for installation injectors of indirect or direct injection and ring valves in special bronze alloy. The performance increase is estimated at +20%.

  • External Diameter Inlet valve 42mm
  • External Diameter Exhaust valve 32.5mm
  • Internal Diameter Inlet Manifold 32.5mm
  • Screw dimension of Spark-Plug 12 or 10mm
  • Compression Ratio 9:1 or you choice
  • Weight 4.1Kg

The installation of the heads and the possible bench test is performed within 30 days of order confirmation.

FlyGas provides technical support for installation and / or for any clarification. It is also possible to arrange for sales assistance and verification of the engine with a data acquisition system for the first test.


  • More Power, Fast and Acceleration
  • Fuel consumption reduced
  • Does not affect the reliability of your Subaru engine
  • Power increase around +20%