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GAS 252 engine

GAS 252 engine for ultralight airplane and trike

GAS 252 is engine for ultralight airplane and trike. The two cylinders boxer weight only 57 kg (125 pound) develops a power of 70.7hp (52kw) and has a very low fuel consumption in cruise speed, only 7,5 lt\hr (1.98 Gal\hr) @4500rpm.



Technical characteristics
  • A modern, light and compact SUPERCHARGER, guarantees power, low fuel consumption and exhaust temperature 200°C (392°F) less respect an engines with turbocharger.
  • The air cooler is guaranteed by an efficient finning system
  • An extremely efficient dry-sump system assures the emptying of the sump, and most of all a huge quantity of oil in a continuous recycle at a constant pressure of 4-5 bar.
  • Totally controlled by an electronic fuel injection and ignition system of last generation. Fundamentally important is the system of down-load data that transfers all data from the E.C.U. to the Dash-board through Can-Line.This will allow you to download the data, and with a simple operation, to send them to us via e-mail. FlyGas will analyze the data and send you the report.
  • No risk of ice in the intake manifold: the SUPERCHARGER heats the air.
  • Very light engine: just 57 kg (125 pound).
  • High power: 70.7hp (52Kw).
  • Low fuel consumption: only 7,5 lt\hr ((1.98 Gal\hr) @4500rpm.
  • Very low exhaust temperature: just 720°C (1328°F) at the maximum power.
Technical information
  • Displacement: 703cc  (42.9 cu.in.).
  • Cylinder: N°2 Horizontally opposed.
  • Bore/Stroke: 80\70mm (3.14\2.75 in.).
  • Maximum Power: 52Kw (70,7 cv) @6500 rpm.
  • Inlet: Supercharged with centrifugal compressor Gas-SUPERCHARGER.
  • Ignition: Electronics, a double spark plug.
  • Cooling: Air\oil.
  • Lubrification: Dry sump.
  • Oil:  Max 4 litres (Mobil 1 5w-50)  Range temperature  35-90°C.
  • Alternator: 14 vdc ,18amp.
  • Ignition\Injection: Electronic (Efi ).
  • Starter: Electric.
  • Reduction gear: 2.6:1.
  • Fuel type: Normal green.
  • Weight: 57 Kg (125 pound) included, Engine starter, Alternator, Injection, Tubes, air filter.
  • Fuel consumption: 7 lt\hr (1.84 Gal\hr) @4200rpm.
  • T.B.O.: 600 hours
  • Warranty: 2 years.

Fuel consumption will vary depending on the installation