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Frédéric Villard, France

I bought and installed a Flygas SUPERCHARGER on my SAVAGE BOBBER, and it works very well. I wrote an article about it in the French magazine “Vol Moteur“. The engine now has about 70 hours. The compressor drive belt is not even worn.

Diego, Colombia

My opinion about the Flygas supercharger:

I bought in Sep 2014 the flygas supercharger for Rotax 100 hp ; the technical support received of Paolo for installation  was fantastic,  addition to his enormous patience he had with me. The supercharger stay working very well, it produces 10 lbs of additional pressure on the map with  significantly increases the power of the motor. I use in my seaplane on a lake that is at 2700 meters above sea level, and with the supercharger,  take off without problem and maintain cruising speed power very well.

Flygas supercharger highly recommend to anyone who needs to increase the power of its 100 hp Rotax.


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Marco, Italy

I use the Flygas compressor on my Rotax ULS for 3 years and since I mounted I found significant benefits in terms of maximum and cruise speed power. The engine has never presented problems and is regularly manunenuto. I hope to make more business with you soon. The Flygas Supercharger kit was handed to me after a few weeks of purchase. It is very well done and accurate in every detail. After a while I proceeded with the installation mo mechanic and the steps were rather clear. For some doubts I contacted by phone Flygas finding satisfactory answers. Before installation I was doubtful that he would have on the noise the engine but I had to reverse. No noise and the engine much more gritty.

Davide, Italy

After two years of use of the product I am very satisfied and I would not change with any other solution. The engine works well and with excellent performance. Slight increase in consumption due to the increased power.

Tiziano, Italy

I met FLYGAS the sky fair and flight to Castiglione del lago and after talking for some time of the product and seeing the operation directly, I decided to contact a few days later. Great product I’m glad I bought.

Alexander, Belgium

I bought the supercharger at box closed after a few calls with the company owner. The kit arrived earlier than promised. I turned to my trusted mechanic who has had some difficulties during assembly but all resolved quickly with a phone call. I just finished the installation and to date I have 10 hours of operating assets. For now everything perfect.

Antony, New Zeland

Product ok, 100% compatible with Rotax and 100% made in Italy. Despite the initial concerns supecharcher works very very well. Fantastic service despite the distance.

Francesco, Italy

After a few months I changed the model and I disassembled the compressor to suit the 100hp. I sent the compressor to flygas that I have reviewed and arranged for the new engine. I finished installing the last few days and we’re running out of ground tests. On 80 horses worked so dear, I hope works well even on 100.

Federico, Italy

Recommended by a friend who uses it for years I decided to buy myself the compressor for my engine 100 hp. We met several times with Stephen and, because of its great expertise, I took the opportunity to let him overhaul the engine and install the compressor on the dyno. Obviously it cost me more than the sale price of the kit. 

Den, Austria

I had a bit of difficulty during assembly because of tight spaces and components to be added. I mounted the double electric pump for added safety. A monster of power. Only “defect” a bit noisy at low rpm but you listen willingly. Daniel & Michel, FranceTogether with my partner we purchased the kit. It was either buy 914 from 100 to 114 hp or try to strengthen our engine. The choice was simple after reasoned on price. With around 5,000 Euros we went from 100 hp to 128. The kit is seen to 140 hp, but of our choice, we are limited to 128, more than enough for our means. 

Ivan, Germany

After a year I disassembled the compressor because I noticed a major oil return from the drain overflow. After contacting the Flygas I was told to check the height of the tank and I was told that excess oil is normal. Not being sure I’m catching up with more care than the first time. The compressor is an excellent solution and, despite much research, I have found alternatives on the market. It would take a more solid sales network.

Dane, New Zeland

Before buying the product I did several searches and tested the means. Me have it installed by a very skilled mechanic friend. I had to hold the medium for 20 days. After installation we did some trials by making some accommodation and everything works 100%. Unfortunately I had to redo the bonnet.

Benjamin, Finland

It works so well that after a few months we bought another kit for a second engine. We solved power problem.

Francesco (Jean Francois la Cloche), Italy

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Flygas is giving to all it’s customers a NEW ADVANCED Remote Support Service, thanks to “Augmented Reality”

Today Flygas gives you the opportunity to get a personalized and remote technical assistance service for FREE.


Using your smartphone, tablet or Augmented Reality glasses, you will get in touch with a Flygas specialized technician who will help you from remote during the installation and setup of our KIT.


It will be like having our technician by your side, giving you tips on how to operate, following you step-by-step and checking if the installation is well done.

Contact us for details on how to use this service.