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Car and off-road

Centrifugal blower for cars

GAS SUPERCHARGER is a compact centrifugal compressor with excellent mechanical control to greatly increase the power and performance of engines untill to 3.200cc.

GAS SUPERCHARGER provides a performance increase of 30/40% without compromising engine reliability. The centrifugal compressor is more compact and can be mounted on a wide range of car models. Installation is simple and can be performed at any repair shop.


The high efficiency is the result of a good shape and an accurate profile of the impeller. Only by exploiting the area of maximum field (referred to the flow chart pressure \ rpm), is able to generate a pressure up to 0.8 bar (1800 mbar absolute) at a low temperature and absorbing only a small power to the crank-shaft .

GAS SUPERCHARGER is currently the only centrifugal supercharger manufactured and marketed in Italy. If you’re a trainer or a garage mechanic and are interested in marketing the Centrifugal Gas Compressor Supercharger, contact us.


  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Increase high performance: 30/40% more power and torque.
  • Temperatures lower than the exhaust of about 200 ° C compared to a turbocharged engine, preserving in this way the reliability of the engine.
  • Absence of pressure generated by the turbine and result “pumping positive”.
  • Elimination of the loss of “pumping”: fuel economy, speed / pace adjusted.
  • Centrifugal impeller optimized for a small number of revolutions: reduced air heating and low power to the crankshaft.
  • No risk of oil leakage at the drain.

Test Bench


GAS SUPERCHARGER installed on Lotus

GAS SUPERCHARGER installed on Citroen C2


Video: GAS SUPERCHARGER on Lotus Exige