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Intercooler for Rotax914

special intercooler for rotax 914 instead of original airbox

Main features for Rotax 914 Turbo
1. Increase and constant maintenance of the power due to the lower compressed air temperature at engine inlet;
2. Installed instead of the original Airbox, without waste space in the engine compartment
3. Reduction of the risk cutting power on Rotax 914. The lowest air temperatures in carburetors input coincides with an important reduction in the risk of intervention of the TCU control unit. This unit, over the 82 ° C air, open waste-gate valve and discharge boost pressure, avoiding damage to the engine but losing most of the power supplied.
4. Better distribution of mass air to the engine with cylinder banks relative balance without the need to be fitted on the carburetors different main jets between them
5. Assembly “Aircooler” personalized according to your space and on yours overall limits

Download Aircooler overall